Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
United Arab Emirates

5-7 OCTOBER 2015

Step on Board

Combining more than 35 years’ experience in repair, conversion and maintenance of Albwardy Marine Engineering in the Gulf with the unmatched range of Damen ship designs and maritime services.

We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art facility and experience the vessels under new construction or repair.

You will also have the opportunity to inspect a variety of Damen vessels, built for stock and on speculation, and ready for immediate delivery.

Finally we invite you to participate one of the dedicated mini-seminars, focusing on products & services that Damen can deliver to specific markets.

We look forward to meeting you at Damen Shipyards Sharjah on Thursday 8th October!

Damen Crew @ Seatrade Workboat Show

Damen Products and Services @ Seatrade Workboat Show 2015

In the 85 years of its existence Damen Shipyards has become a household name in the global market of tugs and workboats.
Our tugs have proven themselves to be highly efficient in ship handling. By offering varied, standardised concepts we can offer optimal solutions for any kind of towing operation, either in port or at sea. From our renowned ASD and Stan Tugs, to tractor tugs, Voiths and Rotor Tugs, Damen has a tug for you.
Damen Workboats can be found in nearly any port around the world. They offer vital support in keeping harbours and terminals operational, accessible, safe and clean. This diversity in tasks is reflected in our portfolio. We offer fit for purpose vessels suited to individual customer requirements.

Harbour & Terminal

Damen is the market leader in the harbour and terminal sector, and its vessels can be found in ports and harbours all over the world. It has established this position by building high performance, high quality vessels that are reliable and cost-effective. Its policy of keeping vessels in stock often enables it to deliver in a matter of weeks.

Discover what Damen offers for Harbour & Terminal market

Harbour and Terminal Brochure Download PDF file
First Damen twin axe workboat for offshore platform passenger and crew transfer in the Middle East

1 September 2015
Up to 35 industrial persons are transported to and from the platform daily. Although there is a heliport on the unmanned platform, it is much more efficient and less costly to do personnel transfer by sea. “Damen specialises in broader marine access in the offshore wind and oil and gas industries.

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Damen Pontoons and Barges

Damen builds a wide range of standardised pontoons and crane barges for stock so as to be able to realise ultra-short delivery times. It enables us to offer our clients the best possible service by integrating the most common options into the stock models.

Check complete range of Damen Pontoons and Discover Damen Barges series

Pontoons and Barges Brochure Download PDF link
Mobile Ballast Water Discharge Solutions

Damen’s innovative new discharge solution, the mobile Damen InvaSave BWT unit, provides port operators with a new valued added service for those vessels that are either too old to take retrofitted systems, or else do not require the capability on a frequent basis.

Discover more about mobile ballast water discharge solutions

Ballast water management - one-stop-shop retrofit solutions

Damen has over 85 years of experience in shipbuilding and marine related conversions. To assist owners in meeting the ballast water management challenges, Damen offers worldwide, one stop shop BWT retrofit solutions.

Discover more about all Damen retrofit solutions

Shoalbuster 2609 in stock

Bollard pull max (tonnes) 28
Length (meter) 26
Power total (BKW) 1640
Speed max (kts) 10.5
Draft (m) 2.6

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IRSHAD receives Damen Shoalbuster 2308 for SPM buoy maintenance

29 July 2015
Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports Operating Company (IRSHAD), a part of the ADNOC Group of Companies, has taken delivery of a Damen Shoalbuster 2308, named Al Marfa 1. During a ceremony at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld, the Netherlands, the company received the new vessel 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

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Executive Summary Download PDF file
Cutter Suction Dredger 500 from stock

Production (m3h) 4000
Dredging depth (m) 14
Total installed power (kW) 1293
Total weight (tonnes) 140
Pipe diameter (mm) 500

Discover more about CSD 500

Product Sheet Download PDF file
Multi Cat 3013 from stock

Length (meter) 29.9
Power total (BKW) 1866
Bollard pull max (tonnes) 31.4
Crane capacity (tm) 22.8
Beam (m) 12.5

Discover more about CSD 500

Product Sheet Download PDF file

Damen companies in focus

  • Albwardy Marine Engineering
  • Damen Shipyards Sharjah
  • Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar

Albwardy Marine Engineering

Albwardy Marine Engineering is the joint venture Partner of the Damen Shipyard Group since January2008 and has earned excellent reputation. AME has been providing a complete package of professional Ship-Repairs docking, Ship repairs afloat, Rigs refurbishment and repairs; Ship new building and Diving services from its fully equipped Shipyards in UAE for over 35 years.

AME employs more than 1000 staff from 25 different nationalities.

We believe that product and service quality, customer satisfaction and the success of the company are intimately connected. It is this belief that drives us to continuously seek to raise our standards to the benefit of both our customers and our reputation in the industry.

Visit company website

Damen Shipyards Sharjah

Damen Shipyards Sharjah (DSS) is located in the Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone (UAE). With a 284,000 m² site, 1,200m of quay wall (with a draught between 5m and 9m) and equipped with a 5,200 tonne ship lift (120m x 26.5m platform), 8 dry berths, a fully enclosed blasting and painting facility, 4,500 m² of new-build construction sheds and 7,500 m² of workshops for the various trades active on the site, DSS is ideally positioned for easy access to all seven Emirates as well as providing connections to neighbouring Gulf States closer to the Straits of Hormuz.

DSS is a joint venture between Damen Shipyards Group and Albwardy Marine Engineering, bringing Damen expertise and capabilities to customers in the Middle East and beyond. The yard has the facilities to repair and construct all type of vessels, and has recently delivered tugs, workboats, support vessels, dredgers, landing craft, floating docks, barges and pontoons.

Visit company website

Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar

Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar (NDSQ) was established in 2010 as a joint venture between Nakilat, the world’s leading transporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), and Damen, a global leader in shipbuilding.
The shipyard is part of the Erhama Bin Jaber Al Jalahma Shipyard facility, based in the Port of Ras Laffan, Qatar. NDSQ facilities include:

  • Two air-conditioned superyacht halls of 180 metres in length
  • Construction hall of 270 metres in length by 65 metres wide
  • Assembly hall of 180 metres in length consisting of four bays
  • Outfitting pier of 400 metres in length equipped with a 30 tonne crane
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In focus:
Damen Marine Services

Damen Marine Services B.V. is a company within the Damen Shipyards Group and is in charge of vessels chartering and trading. A wide range of tugs, workboats and marine units max. 10 yrs old, are available to serve clients all over the globe.

FOLIO 07359 - Crew/pilot boat for sale

Built: 2011
Dimensions: 18,50 x 5,60 mtrs
Draft: 1,10 mtrs
Propulsion: 2x Rolls Royce waterjets, type FF450S
Main engines: 2x Caterpillar, type C18
Output: 1748 hp total
Speed : 22 knots cruising, 26 knots maximum

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FOLIO 07254 - DAMEN Stan Pontoon

Type: Flap top pontoon
Built: Damen Shipyards
Dimensions: 41,40 x 13,00 x 3,00 mtrs
Draft: 2,40 mtrs (max)
Deadweight: 980 ton (max)
Deck load: 10 ton/ m2

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FOLIO 07228 - DAMEN Multicat 2409 - DMS Weaver

Built: 2011, Damen Shipyards The Netherlands
Dimensions: 23,33 x 9,00 x 3,20 mtrs
Draft: 2,00 mtrs
Propulsion: two fixed pitch propellers in nozzles
Main engines: 2x Caterpillar, type 3412D TTA/B
Speed: 10,2 knots
Bollard pull: 23 mtons

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FOLIO 07355 - DAMEN FCS 3507

Built: 2012, Damen Shipyards
Dimensions: 35,92 x 7,35 x 3,30 mtrs
Draft: 2,00 mtrs max.
Hull material: aluminium
Propulsion: triple screw, fixed pitch propellers
Speed: 29 knots
Deck equipment: Heila deck crane, type HLRM10-1S, 1350 kgs at 6,50 mtrs

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FOLIO 06856 - Fast patrol boat

Built: 2004, Germany
Dimensions: 14,17/11,47 x 3,50 mtrs
Draft: 0,62 mtr
Airdraft: 3,40 mtrs
Material: aluminium, both hull and superstructure
Light weight: 15 tons
Speed: 32 knots max.

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You name it,
we build it

Damen is a true businessman who has made the sea his focus, creating a fleet of ships and small vessels that conquer the waves and deliver efficient operational comfort to a vast list of clients around the world.



Damen Shipyard Group:
32 yards worldwide
The Netherlands: 15
Abroad: 17


Employees: 9,000 worldwide
The Netherlands: 3,000
International: 6,000

€ 2 billion
Annual Turnover

2 billion Euro

160 vessels

In 2014 we delivered
a record number of
160 vessels


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Damen Crew welcomes you @ Seatrade Workboat Show
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